“The Board will continue its efforts to maintain the financial health of the Association at the optimum level to maintain the aesthetics and the property values of the community.” — Community Manager on behalf of the Woodside Board of Directors, March 17, 2024

Budget 3-26-2024
Financial report for the current fiscal year from the back of the March 26, 2024, Board meeting agenda; see our questions to the treasurer, Bill Sessa
vehicle with missing wheels and bent frame
In mid-March the wheels were stolen off two vehicles parked in Woodside.
cable hub strewn in pieces on ground
Fallen or leaning cable hubs can be found all over the property.
lampost at 80 degree angle
This lamp has been leaning and the glass globe cracked since at least January.
mail scattered on ground
This could be your mail lying in the parking lot.
mailboxes with doors hanging open
Vandalized mailboxes are a common sight in Woodside. Homeowners aren’t notified when it happens.
concrete walkway with sunken divider
Tripping hazards are marked but not fixed. At least two residents have fallen and been seriously injured.
window siding with evident dry rot
Painting would have extended the life of this siding.
chimney cap fallen from roof
This chimney cap was knocked down by the February winds. Because it wasn’t immediately replaced, the homeowner is now dealing with many $10,000s in water remediation.
flat roof with holes in sealer
No wonder it leaks.
A closer look.
long crack in asphalt
Cracks in asphalt are deteriorating from lack of sealing.
closer look at crack in asphalt
An in-depth look.
another crack in asphalt
When it rains, water pours into this crack, eroding the roadbed.
dirt and filthy wall
Landscaping is a high priority throughout Woodside.
sidewalk, dirt, exposed roots
Woodside’s first-class landscaping.
ivy growing up common-area wall
Landscapers are supposed to trim ivy before it climbs common-area walls and damages the siding.
small tree growing into wall
Young trees should be shaped to ensure they don’t grow into walls and windows.
trash piled outside enclosure
December 26, 2023
overflowing trash bin
January 26, 2024
overflowing trash bin
February 11, 2024
trash overflowing
February 25, 2024
overflowing trash bin
March 25, 2024
overflowing trash
April 4, 2024