Why did Sandra resign?
The short version: The Board was doing things she thought were wrong, and remaining on the Board would have made her complicit with their behavior.

Why are Board meetings so hostile?
We believe it’s because the current Board does not rein in bad behavior. For instance, at the March 26 Board meeting, the first speaker during open forum was an angry resident waving around the bright yellow flyer we distributed with our meet-and-greet schedule. Apparently that person was offended by our audacity in running for office. The Board didn’t stop this tirade. Personal attacks should not be allowed at Board meetings or on the grounds of Woodside. It contributes to an atmosphere of fear, bullying, and retaliation that is unproductive.

How can we make Board meetings more productive and welcoming?
We must hold Board members accountable for professional behavior. The Board sets the tone. Any disagreements should be settled with calm, positive discussion. Board members need to prepare for meetings by researching the issues at hand before sitting at the table. If a matter cannot be settled at that meeting, it should become an action item for the next meeting, with someone tasked to follow up. Homeowners who bring an item to open forum must be treated with respect, and the work of dedicated committee members must be acknowledged. Let’s be kind to each other.

What is your top priority after election, if you’re elected?
We’ve got to get a property management company on board immediately. Part-time volunteer Board members whose only oversight is each other shouldn’t be trying to handle day-to-day tasks. We don’t have the time or the specialized knowledge. A long-term maintenance plan needs to be developed and managed by qualified professionals who can evaluate whether the work is performed properly, and who can reduce costs through economy of scale. A single bookkeeper supervised by an overworked community manager cannot provide adequate financial controls for a $4.5 million company.

I like our employees and think they’re doing a great job!
Please note that we can keep all our current employees. They will simply be employed by the property management company, not us.

I don’t want my dues to go up.
Neither do we. The fee for a 2-bedroom unit here is $449. In Campus Commons a 2-bedroom fee is $500. In October the HOA received a management proposal that would cost an additional $20 per month per unit. If we can get someone to tell us the status of our work orders and provide internal financial controls for an extra $20 a month, we believe that’s money well-spent.

How many Board members are there?
The full Board has 7 directors, each serving a two-year term. In odd years 3 directors are elected, and in even years 4 directors are elected.

Why do you keep focusing on the number 4?
We need 4 votes out of 7 to pass a motion. Without 4 new Board members and their 4 votes, important changes won’t be approved. That’s why we’re running as a team.

Will you serve a full term if you’re elected?
Board members are all volunteers. You have our commitment that we will do our utmost to create a cooperative environment that is conducive to finding solutions. We want to work with all the homeowners. It is important to realize that only in a positive atmosphere can we work toward success. That is the reason for the 4 of us running together. Should the divisiveness of the previous Board continue, then all bets are off.

If being a Board member is so stressful, why run?
Woodside is in a downward spiral. We love this community and feel that we can make a difference, so we’re offering our experience and expertise as part of the solution. It’s up to every owner to step forward to assist in this process if we are to be successful. We need your support.

Why do you say such negative things about the current Board?
We try to be objective when describing what we’ve seen and what others have reported. The negativity you hear is often caused by the frustration of witnessing Woodside’s decline and seeing its Board not taking corrective action. We believe the current Board has created an atmosphere of divisiveness which doesn’t allow for a dialogue between the Board and owners and residents. That isn’t healthy for our community. We believe we all deserve a better vision.

How can I learn more about my rights as a homeowner?
Visit www.davis-stirling.com. This website is great! It explains HOA laws in plain English. Anything you ever wanted to know about HOAs is here.

If your team were the Spice Candidates…
Jadwiga (Gigi) would be Sporty Candidate, Donna would be Numbers Candidate, Karen would be Words Candidate, and Sandra would be Scary Candidate.