railing with obvious dry rot
SB 326, the balcony bill, was passed in 2019 and took effect January 1, 2020. HOAs are required to inspect elevated wooden structures, with the first inspection to be completed by January 1, 2025, and inspections every 9 years after that. If any structure is deemed unsafe, the HOA “shall take preventive measures immediately, including preventing occupant access to the exterior elevated element until repairs have been inspected and approved by the local enforcement agency.” (Civil Code Section 5551)

For many years Woodside was one of the most beautifully maintained residential properties in Sacramento. When it converted from apartments to condominiums, the units sold quickly. Today, many of the absentee owners – and some residents – still believe that the community is maintained to the same standard. If you’ve reviewed the newsletters, notices, and budgets provided by the Board, it would appear so.

However, in the past few years there has been a decline in the property. The long-serving Board of Directors has become unresponsive to many resident requests for service as well as to massive infrastructure needs, instead focusing and funding predominantly cosmetic issues (renovating guest suites, ponds, etc.) instead of vital structural services such as hot water and sewer lines.

It will take a Board majority to make things happen. We learned that after the 2023 election. One or two people are too easily made invisible and the important issues they try to address ignored or downplayed. Please support every Board member who has Woodside’s best interests at heart. When they vote NO to poor decisions, when they propose solutions to urgent problems and get voted down, when they stand up to entrenched interests, please thank them, and let the whole Board know you’re watching.