The Team
The Team: Jadwiga “Gigi” Wieczner, Donna Scholl, Karen Sharp, Sandra Williams

For many years Woodside was one of the most beautifully maintained residential properties in Sacramento. When it converted from apartments to condominiums, the units sold quickly. Today, many of the absentee owners – and some residents – still believe that the community is maintained to the same standard. If you’ve reviewed the newsletters, notices, and budgets provided by the Board, it would appear so.

However, in the past few years there has been a decline in the property. The Board of Directors, while long-serving, has become unresponsive to many resident requests for service as well as to massive infrastructure needs, instead focusing and funding predominantly cosmetic issues (renovating guest suites, ponds, etc.) instead of vital structural services such as hot water and sewer lines.

We plan to change that. By working as a team, by combining our years of experience and knowledge, by harnessing the special skills the four of us have, with your support we can turn Woodside around.

It will take a Board majority to make things happen. We learned that after the last election. One or two people are too easily made invisible and the important issues they try to address ignored or downplayed. For a seven-member board, we need four people with integrity. That’s why we’re running for election as a team. We’ll support each other and every other Board member who has Woodside’s best interests at heart.