Karen Sharp
Karen Sharp

I have been an owner and at times a resident of Woodside since it converted from apartments to condominiums, some 40+ years ago. Woodside has always been a beautiful and desirable property.

I attended the Town Hall meeting at the end of January 2024. The meeting was well-attended, and while the atmosphere was contentious, it was also hopeful. People may have been frustrated, but they clearly cared about the community and sought the possibility of change.

I am running for the Board because I have skills needed to create the changes that need to occur. I worked for the State in various departments for 38 years as an analyst and as a manager of large programs. Although happily retired 18 years, I enjoy analyzing complex programs, suggesting improvements, and implementing change. I am willing to apply these skills to the benefit of our beautiful community.

I have a personal investment in Woodside, first as my home and then as an off-site owner. Two of my sisters reside in Woodside. I care about the quality of life and the community here. The fact that the Association has long-standing infrastructure, financial, and maintenance problems that haven’t been fixed or addressed is cause for great concern. I want Woodside to be the beautiful, peaceful community it COULD be, well-run and financially solvent.

I believe this community is ready to work together. We cannot afford to be divisive. I ask for your support in the upcoming Board election, for myself as well as for my fellow candidates, Sandra Williams, Donna Scholl, and Jadwiga Wieczner. We pledge to encourage participation from all of our residents and will need your opinions and your skills. We agree to spend our valuable time addressing pressing maintenance issues and safety concerns, and protecting our property values. We invite you to vote for us, and to join us in this adventure.